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The belt...again!

He slipped it through his belt loops
And he sent me to my room
When he folded it in half
I knew that I was doomed

I was marched up to my bedroom
Where the whipping would be dealt
Hard on my heels was Daddy
Carrying the belt

How scared I was as up I went
My tummy it was flipping
A trip I'd made too many times
To get a fearsome whipping

I said I didn't mean it
And my eyes began to tear
"I know you didn't mean it, I appreciate that dear,
But the fact is that you did it so I'm going to spank your rear"

"Bare your bottom and bend over,
Don't make me tell you twice
The results for disobedience
Will not be very nice"

It took every ounce of courage
to turn and face the bed
And even more to bend over it
So Dad could paint my bottom red

Then all too soon that belt crashed down
With a SPLAT upon my tail
I arched my back, just like a cat
And loosed a mighty wail

My bottom felt as if it had been
scalded by a brand
A pain so all encompassing
One I could barely stand

And that was but the first
Of so many yet to come
I was such an awful mess
When all was said and done

wooden spoon tune...

Once again I was a smart mouth
And my Mother didn't like it
So I was made to grab my skirt
And up I had to hike it

"I've had it up to here with you....I won't take it anymore
So get those panties down my girl...
Let me see them hit the floor!"

Then Mom pulled out a wooden spoon
I told her "That's not fair!
That thing is meant for cooking,
Not to spank my derriere!"

The wooden spoon's deceptive
Such a normal looking thing
But how I learned to hate it
My God! How it could sting.

I told Mom I was sorry
Though I knew it was no good
She said "Sorry doesn't cut it"
Just like she always would

Then Mom said " OK you sassy girl,
Get your fanny over my knee!"
I moaned "Please! No!" and shook my head
Mom said "I'll count to three..."

So then I had to do as told,
It was so hard to do
I found myself bare fanny up
Just when the count reached "Two..."

Then cracks and cries competed
As Mom spanked so hard and fast
I thought I could not take much more
But she made the lesson last

My bottom was on fire
That spoon did make it burn
"Oh I'm not through yet, Jennifer....
I'm going to make you learn!"

I kicked and squirmed and tried to twist
And Oh how I did wail
There was no spot that the spoon missed
Upon my glowing tail

Then after what seemed like hours
Or maybe even years
Mom told me to stand up
And my cheeks were damp from tears

Then hands upon my head 
Mom said "Turn around and face the wall
You'll be back across my lap my girl
If I see you move at all!"

I stood there still and sobbing
Like so many times before
With my fanny red and throbbing
and so very, very sore

Hairbrush Memories

Many times Mom left me
With a scorched and red behind
Because often I would sass her
And I wasn't apt to mind

So she was quick to bare my bottom
To spank me with the brush
I would whine and beg her not to
But all she said was "Hush!"

I would have to pull my panties down
And lie across her lap
Then down would come that nasty brush
With a most resounding WHAP!

My howls would split the air
Such a sad and mournful sound
As over and over and yet again
Mom brought the hairbrush down

Ode to a razor strap

I mouthed off to my Mother
At the table during dinner
My Dad awarded a strapping 
One for which I was the winner

So whining and protesting,
Up the stairs I soon was led
To fetch the dreaded razor strap
And be bent over my bed

I told Dad I was sorry
That I'd apologize
My panic ever mounting 
As the tears poured from my eyes

"Sorry doesn't cut it dear"
You're going to feel the strap
Words that caused me terror
but truly I was trapped

Then briefly to the bathroom,
Down the strap my Dad was taking
He led me to my bedroom
My legs like jello they were shaking

Oh please Dad! Please don't whip me!
I begged for one more chance,
But of my pants he stripped me
And the strap did make me dance

Crack! that strip of leather
like a viper bit my rump
And I let out a howl so loud
Off the bed I tried to jump

T'was but the first of many
And there were so many yet to come
"Get your butt back down there Jenny!"
"Don't you move until I'm done!"

Down and down that strap did land
The fire it lit was mounting
The strokes did come so fast in pace
They were beyond the point of counting

Daddy strapped my bottom
Till it looked like a tomato
And when he was done I couldn't stand
My legs felt like they were made of Play-Doh!

Spanking Memories

Thinking back to all those times
When I was spanked and whipped
Marched up to my bedroom...
Oh, how my stomach flipped

Gazing at Mom's hairbrush
Lying atop my bed there by her side
Remembering the last time
And how I cried and cried and cried

How my mother liked to scold me
How I wsihed it wouldn't end
Because when it would the time would come
And I'd be told to bend

I'd lie across my Mother's lap
I would make my final pleas
In panicked desperation 
As I squirmed across her knees

Then SMACK! that evil brush would land
With a thunderclap of pain
Barely registering within my brain
Before it happened once again

And then my world was shrunken
Reduced to my bottom and that brush
All that I could do was howl and cry
As my breath came in a rush

All the while my Mom would scold
Punctuated by mighty pops
It was all I could do to answer her
Thinking she would never stop

Till after what seemed as if an hour
I was let up off her lap
And told to be a good girl
Told to knock off further crap
And warned that if I didn't
Dad would whip me with the strap

With tears coursing down my cheeks
And my bottom in such pain
I would vow to be an angel
So I'd not be spanked again

But always I would slip up
And the memory woud fade
Till all too soon I'd screw up
And the scene would be replayed

And so it went so many times
Across so many years
So many, many spankings
So many, many tears

Sentenced to the strap

Well, that's enough you naughty girl,
You've made a big mistake
Your Mom and I have put up with all
the crap we're going to take

If you think that you can act this way,
You had better change your mind
For all that this will get you
Is the strap on your behind

I think it's time you got your butt whipped
It's exactly what you need
I'll stripe your little fanny
No matter how you beg and plead

We'll put an end to your disobedience
This nonsense stops today
I think it's time we get you spanked
So let's get on the way

March your fanny up those stairs
And bend over your bed
You have an appointment with the razor strap
Which will paint your bottom red

We hope this will solve the problem
And make the message clear
And if not I will not hesitate
To spank your little rear

You'd better straighten up and fly right
Your job is to obey 
If not we'll repeat this lesson
And I think you know the way!

Damned if you do...damned if you don't

Bare your rear and bend over dear
Your smart mouth's just too much
I've had it up to here with you
It's time you felt the brush

I'll spank the sass right out of you
This time you're bound to learn
You'll regret that sassy attitude
When your fanny starts to burn

I'm tired of your disrespect
You'll not raise your voice to me
It's time you learn just what you get
Now bend over my knee!

I think a well spanked bottom
Is just what you deserve
And I intend to give you one
For your impudence and nerve

So if I were you, you naughty girl
I'd get that little butt across my lap
For if you don't I'll call your father
And he can whip you with the strap!

Date with the brush

Go over to my dresser
Fetch the brush and bring it here
For you have been quite naughty
And I'm going to spank your rear

When I tell you to bend over
Don't whine and ask me why
I'm the Mom...I make the rules
Your job is to comply

Now march your fanny over here
I'll not ask you one time more
Pull down your pants and panties
And drop them to the floor

Come to my side you naughty girl
Get your butt over my knee
I'm tired of your attitude
So spanked you're going to be!

The evil belt...

Oh my I've been a naughty girl
Dad was fit to be tied
So he was yanking out his belt
To tan my naughty hide

"You've done it now you naughty girl!"
He chided and he scolded
As rapt I gazed upon the belt
He'd doubled up and folded

He pointed with his finger
and said "Get that bottom bare!"
Then said I had three seconds
To bend over that chair

He told me that if my hands
Did leave the seat
Then we would start anew
And raised the belt over his shoulder
Just like he'd always do

"Nooooooooooo Daddy!" I hollered
For I was scared to death
But my plea it went unheeded
So I should have held my breath

Down that evil belt did come
And smote my naked tail
I popped up like a rocket 
Letting loose a soulful wail

"Get your hands back on the chair!
That one didn't count!"
Somehow I managed to obey
But felt my terror mount

"My God! I cannot take this!"
I hadn't any choice
I cried and cried and died inside
And almost lost my voice

CRACK and SPLAT that belt did land
To my ever mounting dread
"This will teach you to disobey me!"
Were the words my Father said

He whipped me to a fare thee well
And then he let me rise
I ran up to my bedroom
With red butt and red rimmed eyes

Feeling like molten metal
Had been poured upon my seat
My poor bottom cheeks were scarlet 
And radiating heat

So Dad did quite a number
With that wicked leather strip
And I went off to slumber
Burning from the whip

Monday spanking poem #3

I disobeyed my Mother 
And she pointed toward the stairs
I was destined for her hairbrush
With which she spanked our derrieres

The brush I'd felt so often
Though each time was like the first
For every time she spanked me
The pain could not be worse

Sometimes I had to fetch it
It was so heavy in my hand
Knowing all too soon upon my bottom
That wicked brush was soon to land

I was beckoned to bend over
But first my bottom I need bare
I did so whining all the while
I was a picture of despair

Mom then lit into my fanny
As she always, always did
Spanking me so very soundly
Making me one sorry kid!

Monday spanking poem #2

"You stupid cow!" I whispered,
But Mom's hearing was uncanny
So with wooden spoon she rushed into the room
Her intent to spank my fanny

"You sassy little smart mouthed girl! Don't speak to me that way!"
My Mother said to me
She grabbed me by the arm and dragged me to a chair
To bend me over her knee

I saw the dreaded spanking spoon
She carried in her grasp
"Oh please, please Mom! I didn't mean it!"
I uttered with a gasp

"It matters not you meant it,
The fact is that you said it..
And now you naughty smart mouthed girl...
You're surely going to get it!"

She bade me bare my bottom
And commanded me to bend
But as always I protested 
And I pleaded without end

So my Mom began to count aloud,
She would give my until three
Before she hit that number 
I was to be across her knee

For if in fact she got to three
And I hadn't yet surrendered
Then woe would sure betide me
As additional punishments were rendered

I'd find out I was grounded
Or I could not watch TV
And still I was no better off 
As yet spanked I was still to be

Thus left with no more options
I must do as I was told
To drape myself across her lap
For the drama to unfold

That evil, wicked wooden spoon
Would paint my bottom red
With those nasty scarlet ovals
That I truly came to dread

So once again I paid the price 
For utterances rash
Again my mouth had wrote a check
My bottom had to cash!

Monday morning spanking poem

Here she comes...hairbrush in hand
This didn't go as I had planned
It started with an argument
Now over her lap I'm to be bent

With bottom bare and mouth a pleading
Straight up the stairs my Mom is leading
To my room to meet my doom
No reprieve in sight of interceding

I'm all a tremble...agog in fear
For soon my Mom will roast my rear
Toast my tail and make it smoke
To remedy the sass I spoke

A painful lesson I will learn
When with the brush she makes my bottom burn
With kicking legs and clutching hands
Each time that nasty hairbrush lands

By my smart mouth I've been betrayed
So over her knee I shall be laid
Bare cheeks to feel the awful burn
My God! How come I never learn?

For any time Mom and I do battle
She reigns as victor with her paddle
And I the vanquished, well spanked daughter
Get blistered buns and eyes that water

More of my never ending spanking thoughts and observations...

I saw on Yahoo last week where they had an article on the detrimental effects of spanking children. I suppose that statistics don't lie and I don't condone spanking for children as a rule but on the other hand I can see where judicious application at times can be effective. I can only speak to myself and to my experiences in having been spanked and I believe that it was a beneficial type of discipline for me. I also think that I grew up none the worse for wear for having been spanked (unless you count the spanking I got as being fuel for the fire of my spanking obsession...though I believe said obsession is innate and not caused by, but simply bolstered by, my being spanked in my youth). This being said, whenever  I see any article or reference to spanking in the media I am thrilled. It's like throwing a steak to a hungry tiger.

Every so often I'll witness some kid being threatened by their mom (or dad) with a spanking...either directly or implicitely. A number of months ago I was in the grocery store...a nexus for spankable behavior and warnings of impending awarding thereof...and a dad asked his young (maybe 6-7 YO) daughter if she needed to be taken to the bathroom or if she was going to behave. It did not take great cognitive stress to ascertain that he was not offering to bring her there to relieve herself. Even more rare is the occasion where some fed up mom will ask her child if they want a spanking or say "You're in big trouble when we get home". I feel kind of sorry for these kids when I hear this stuff [only a wee bit], but I also get that 'zinging' feeling where my spank radar picks it up and I get a charge out of it. I suppose it must have to do with the connection from when I was in said same position myself when young and got the same from my Mom.

I also love it when I see spanking in mainstream media such as TV shows or movies. I mean this in terms of consentual spanking like in the movie "Secretary" or in cases where it is given spur of the moment but then shown as something good (like in an episode of the Showtime series "Weeds")

Brush burns

I stood there trembling like a leaf
Beside my Mother's knee
Staring at the hairbrush
Knowing it was meant for me

She told me to bend over
I knew all hope was lost
Oh how the price of naughtiness
Bore such a heavy cost

She tapped my naked bottom
But she hadn't started yet
In fear I started shaking
For I knew what I would get

Soon I'd feel that nasty hairbrush
And I'd lose all self control
As it smacked down on my bottom
To exact a heavy toll

Wailing like a banshee
Thinking it would never end
As she spanked and spanked and spanked some more
Then she spanked me yet again

Till all my world it was reduced
To just my bottom and the brush
A posterior wracked in broiling pain
A mind reduced to mush

It went for went for days
Though likely just a minute
For time was rendered to a haze
And I was sucked down in it

A sting like fire with every blow
No choice other than to bear it
My bottom like an ember glowed
With pain it didn't merit

Spank poem attempt...

Pull down your pants and panties
My Mother said to me
Then beckoned with her hairbrush
To bend over her knee

I whined and begged and pleaded
And asked for a reprieve
But Mom would have none of that
And my chest began to heave

So it was with mounting panic
That I crawled over her lap
Quivering with terror
Like some creature in a trap

"Please don't spank me Mom!
I promise I'll be good!"
But she laid in with that hairbrush
Just like she always would

Then I was a well spanked daughter
Like so many times before
And my eyes began to water
And my tears fell on the floor

Dare I say it? Another spanking poem...

Well, I screwed up again
And like any old time
I was informed by my Dad
I'd be spanked for my crime

Dragged by my arm 
And bereft of my skirt
Not a doubt in my mind
This would certainly hurt

Then like so many times I found myself
Jacknifed over the back of the couch
While off came the belt...
Please daddy!... No!... OUCH!!!!

Whipping me soundly
Till my fanny was scorched
And it felt like he'd burned it
As if with a torch

Down again, down again
As I moaned and I wailed
My poor red striped bottom
With belt was assailed

Till finally he finished
And bade me to stand
I ran to my room
Skirt and panties in hand

I'd look over my shoulder
At my poor thrashed behind
And wail to myself
"Oh! Why didn't I mind?!"

Then I lay face down on the coverlet
On top of my bed
My sore butt like twin sunsets
Colored six shades of red

Again with the spanking poetry...

Down went my panties
And down came the paddle
With a smack so hard
That it made my teeth rattle

SPLAT! Full on one cheek
And then on the other
This was the method
Employed by my Mother

First I would beg
Then I would shriek
Spanked to the point
I was sore for a week

Spanked till my poor butt
Was all black and blue
I'd moan and I'd beg
But she still wasn't through

Then came the lecture
"Behave! Do you hear?"
While heat like a tea kettle
Rose up from my rear

Till sobbing and throbbing
She allowed me to rise
As tears like a rainstorm
Poured forth from my eyes

Sent off to the corner
With hands on my head
Then into my jammies
And straight into bed!

Thursday Spanking Poem #2

Oh my God!
Woe is me
Once again
Across Mom's knee

I'm being spanked
I didn't listen...
So now with tears
My cheeks do glisten

Her ferocious Hairbrush
Has my fanny smoking
She said it would...
She wasn't joking!

I failed to do the things she said
So I'm over her knee
Atop my bed

Spanked so hard
The pain is mounting
How many times?
No sense in counting

So it's crimson cheeks
And scarlet thighs
Tousled hair
And streaming eyes

Spanked am I,
The naughty child
Sin and sinner

Spanking Poem for Thursday

In nightime's silken stillness
My thoughts are often slipping
To times when I was naughty
And my bottom got a whipping

The snap of the belt
The crack of the brush
They all come back
To me in a rush

Each time I erred
Or disobeyed
A sore bottom
Was the price I paid

Across my mind
Across the years
The room is redolent
Of tears

Yet another spanking poem

Talk about spankings
Yeah I got 'em
Lots and lots
On my bare bottom

Brushes and straps and spoons I've felt
And yes, I've also had the belt
Many a spanking over the years
Each one leaving me in tears

Times for things that I have stolen
Face down, kicking...fanny swollen
When with my sisters I would battle
Mom was quick to wield the paddle

Yes, I was truly spanked a lot
But I deserved and earned
Each one I got!

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